Privacy Policy

At Sri Shankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital, patient privacy is taken very seriously. The hospital follows strict guidelines and protocols to ensure that patient information remains confidential and secure. From the moment a patient registers at the hospital to the discharge process, every step is carefully monitored to safeguard their privacy.

  • Patient Registration:

    When a patient visits Sri Shankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital for the first time, they are required to fill out a registration form. This form collects basic information such as name, contact details, and medical history. The hospital ensures that this information is stored securely and is only accessible to authorized personnel.

  • Confidentiality:

    All doctors, nurses, and staff members at Sri Shankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital are trained to respect patient confidentiality. Any discussions or interactions regarding patient information are done in private, away from public view or hearing.

  • Data Security:

    The hospital employs the latest technology to secure patient data. This includes encryption of electronic records, regular data backups, and restricted access to sensitive information. In case of any security breach, Sri Shankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital has protocols in place to mitigate the impact and notify the affected parties.

  • Third-Party Access:

    Sri Shankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital does not share patient information with any third parties without explicit consent. In case of collaborations with other healthcare providers or research institutions, strict confidentiality agreements are in place to protect patient data.

  • Patient Rights:

    The hospital respects the rights of patients to access their own medical records and request corrections if necessary. Patients can also request restrictions on the use of their information for certain purposes. Sri Shankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital ensures that all such requests are handled promptly and in compliance with data privacy laws.

Sri Shankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital has a robust privacy policy in place to protect patient data and confidentiality. By following strict guidelines and utilizing advanced technology, the hospital ensures that patient information remains secure at all times. Patients can trust that their privacy is respected and their data is safe when they seek treatment at Sri Shankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital.

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