Cataract is a condition in which the natural crystal clear lens becomes opaque. The cataract is generally age related, but it can also formed in new born babies, developing age group, young adults, may associated with metabolic imbalance and trauma.
The vision may be blurred , the near vision may improve initially, there may be blindness, person with cataract may need more illumination than needed and they may have double vision.
Not all cataracts are similar, they may be hard or soft.
There is no specific time to get operated for this condition. It depends upon the type of cataract, depends on the visual needs of the patient. Occasionally cataract may cause secondary problems where early surgery is mandatory.
In the modern era the cataract surgery is very well advanced. The most advanced cataract surgery is Femtosecond Laser assisted Torsional Phaco Emulsification.
The cataract is replaced with artificial lens (Mono-focal/Multifocal IOL)